Tanner & Emma | Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer

Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer
Stop me if you’ve heard this story: This couple was in the same ward at BYU…. An “innocent” request for help with chemistry homework ended with a wedding date set for the 17th of August! Well…as unique as it may sound, it is this couple’s happily-ever-after story and as precious as any gem.
I know Tanner from Olympia. We were different stakes, but we definitely knew of each other. When Emma and Tanner contacted me about shooting their engagement photos, I was ecstatic! And more great news, I’ll be their Utah wedding photographer as well! Hannah loves her weddings!
Back to Tanner and Emma: We met up in the foothills of Salt Lake as the first location for their engagement shoot. Emma is incredibly photogenic and Tanner is so caring and attentive to her it just captures your heart. They were light-hearted, happy and in love! They made each other laugh, and seriously just fit together, just look at she nestles into him. Safe. Home.
Next, we went on to Utah Salt Air and there were much of the same feelings of fun and love between them! When you shoot at Utah Salt Air, just be prepared to leave with a stunning bunch of photographs, a full heart, and a bug bitten body.
Congratulations Tanner and Emma! I can’t wait for your big day.
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer
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