Southern Utah Wedding Photographer : Kiersten and Steven

I’m a Washington girl at heart. The moody skies, the mossy greens, it’s home. Kiersten grew up in St. George Utah. So where did our relationship grow? The cabin. Our grandpa’s cabin. So many memories of us playing in the creek and catching frogs, deck dances and tanning. Remember Kiersten? That was the bomb. Flash forward a couple of years and now my cousin and I have a new relationship. Wedding Photographer and client! But it feels more like we get to hang out rather than a job. 😉
The first time Sam and I drove to St. George together, he was always laughing at me for taking pictures of the landscape. It feels so foreign and desolate after growing up in the rain. But It. is. BEAUTIFUL. I can’t help myself. Much to my pleasure, my darling cousin Kiersten got engaged to be married in southern Utah.
Guys? Meet my stellar cousin Kiersten and her stud Steven. I can’t even. Being a southern Utah wedding photographer is the best. Of COURSE we took bridals at Snow Canyon State Park. Of COURSE my rocking awesome cousin full on climbed cliffs and rocks IN HER WEDDING DRESS to capture the wild beauty of the day. Much like Kiersten is herself! And OF COURSE we were on top of that big ol’ rock when the wind began to mess with us. Oh, the wind. We set up the shot for the veil in the wind and I’d set up to shoot just in time for the wind to change direction. Wash rinse repeat. But I’ll be darned if we didn’t get that perfect veil shot! And you’d never know the drama of it from the serene look on Kiersten’s face.
The next day it was on to The Roost! The Roost is such an amazing Southern Utah St George wedding venue. The weather was warm and sunny, the decorations were a touch of rustic elegance and SO Kiersten.  The red rock just makes a truly stunning backdrop for a Dixie wedding. I was honored to join such a lovely celebration for such a lovely couple on such a lovely day made perfect with a sparkler exit. Home run Kiersten & Steve!
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