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I played soccer in high school and I had the most amazing teammates. One teammate, in particular, was such a leader and always so inspiring to me, I always looked up to her. Her name was Katie.
Today, Katie is a new mama of a beautiful baby boy: Mason Scott. I love my job so much.  I am still close with Katie and her family because I also took Katie’s engagement photos as well as her wedding photos. So I was so touched when Katie reached out to my last fall to schedule a newborn session with this little bundle of cuteness. One reason being THEY WERE HAVING A BABY! And two, I love being with clients along their journey in life, quietly capturing these fleeting moments of their lives. Anyways, back to Mason…. I was super anxious to meet the little man and see firsthand what a little Katie and Tanner baby would look like!
Katie had me come to their home in Portland to photograph her newborn. I adore being able to travel to my clients home for newborn photo sessions!  I want the family to be where they are most comfortable. I understand it is a delicate time between postpartum healing for mom, adjusting to parenthood, and just having a newborn in general! Katie and Tanner’s Portland home was lovely but little Mason and lovely Katie stole the show. You could definitely feel the warmth and the bond that these new parents and new baby had. I am such a sucker for babies! And I had a first: I felt warmth for Mason too….just a slightly different type of warmth, little Mason peed on me! haha. It was so very much worth it because I have a weakness for babies and Mason is no exception. Congratulations once more, Katie and Tanner! He is the absolute cutest.
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