The Bergquist family has been such a huge support in my life. They are an amazing family. They were one of my very first clients, and I LOVE taking pictures for them. I’ve known them for a long time, and though I have only known Tanner for a few months, he proves to be a perfect compliment to their family and to Katie. These two were an absolute BLAST. I have diligently followed Katie and Tanner through social media and was ecstatic when I saw the announcement that they were ENGAGED. I got a message from Katie shortly after, and we began planning their dreamy engagement session. Having shot at Discovery Park, I suggested it to them and it was the perfect location for the session they were looking for. As I watched the weather broadcast a few days before their session, I was so nervous because it showed straight showers and rain. Boo! But we decided to give it a shot. Guess what? it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I have yet to see a yucky day at Discovery Park. It is a magical place. We drove up together and talked and laughed about the Seahawks, how they met, how he proposed, what they were looking for, what their wedding plans were and how Tanner was missing a sportsman show for our session. So naturally I had to make it extra fun for him, right? What outdoorsy guy wants to miss a SPORTSMAN show to say cheese for a strict photographer? None, thats what. Thank goodness posing stiffly and saying cheese isn’t my style. Or being strict for that matter. I’m the opposite. I like to have fun at sessions, so we had fun. We walked, we talked, we laughed, we hid from the sun and we ended up on the beach for a beautiful sunset. It was dreamy you guys. And though the temperatures were dropping and the sun was long gone, these two got in the WATER for me. Umm, hello. Truly a photographer’s dream couple. I am so thankful they chose me to shoot their engagements.

I hope you enjoy these pictures forever, Katie and Tanner!

Can’t wait for the big day.

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