Jenna and Parker have been together for three years and they are ENGAGED!
 I have known Jenna since she moved into my ward when we were in the first or second grade. I remember going to watch her star in the play Indian and the Paintbrush and celebrating with Baskin Robbins. Through the years we always saw each other at church but it wasn’t until recently that we have really taken off as great friends! Jenna initially hired me as her little assistant for an online deals site. I loved loved loved being with her every day and laughing together. She’s the bomb. So I was THRILLED when Jenna announced their engagement and asked me to be their photographer!
I loved seeing these two together as we roamed about Tunnel Springs Park in North Salt Lake. You can absolutely see how much he loves and adores her. And this location was PRIME. We knew it when we saw three more photographers.
I just can’t tell you how much I enjoyed spending my time shooting Jenna and Parker’s engagement photos. I absolutely can not wait to be there for their bridals and then the wedding day too!
I grew up with Hunter in Olympia. I watched him grow up. I watched him go off to school in Idaho. I watched him find this amazing girl Kate at BYU-Idaho. I watched Kate love and support Hunter while he was serving an LDS mission in the Philippines. I watched as they got engaged where I was honored to take their engagement photos. I was honored again to watch and take their lovely wedding day photos. And now, one year later, I’m still watching as they celebrate their one year anniversary! What a beautiful couple!
I was so excited when I got the call from this cute couple to do a one-year anniversary session for the fact that they have always been so fun to work with and I love seeing my buddies from the past. It’s not every day that I get to take anniversary sessions but I was thrilled to show off how their love has lasted and evolved through marriage. I admit I was also super excited for this Provo anniversary session because I had JUST received my NEW gear and I was so anxious to put it to use! The entire session I was just gasping at the beauty of them, my surroundings in Provo, and gasping at the beauty my new glass could capture!
What an amazing job this is, to follow and capture the beautiful priceless moments in these wonderful people’s lives and all those who invite me into their lives. Thank you, truly.
Kate is also a photographer! Her website is here.
I’m a Washington girl at heart. The moody skies, the mossy greens, it’s home. Kiersten grew up in St. George Utah. So where did our relationship grow? The cabin. Our grandpa’s cabin. So many memories of us playing in the creek and catching frogs, deck dances and tanning. Remember Kiersten? That was the bomb. Flash forward a couple of years and now my cousin and I have a new relationship. Wedding Photographer and client! But it feels more like we get to hang out rather than a job. 😉
The first time Sam and I drove to St. George together, he was always laughing at me for taking pictures of the landscape. It feels so foreign and desolate after growing up in the rain. But It. is. BEAUTIFUL. I can’t help myself. Much to my pleasure, my darling cousin Kiersten got engaged to be married in southern Utah.
Guys? Meet my stellar cousin Kiersten and her stud Steven. I can’t even. Being a southern Utah wedding photographer is the best. Of COURSE we took bridals at Snow Canyon State Park. Of COURSE my rocking awesome cousin full on climbed cliffs and rocks IN HER WEDDING DRESS to capture the wild beauty of the day. Much like Kiersten is herself! And OF COURSE we were on top of that big ol’ rock when the wind began to mess with us. Oh, the wind. We set up the shot for the veil in the wind and I’d set up to shoot just in time for the wind to change direction. Wash rinse repeat. But I’ll be darned if we didn’t get that perfect veil shot! And you’d never know the drama of it from the serene look on Kiersten’s face.
The next day it was on to The Roost! The Roost is such an amazing Southern Utah St George wedding venue. The weather was warm and sunny, the decorations were a touch of rustic elegance and SO Kiersten.  The red rock just makes a truly stunning backdrop for a Dixie wedding. I was honored to join such a lovely celebration for such a lovely couple on such a lovely day made perfect with a sparkler exit. Home run Kiersten & Steve!


Elizabeth and Aaron met up with my husband and I on temple square on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. They glided up the walkway toward us, and though it was cold, they were ready! Her friend who majors in fashion design made her gorgeously unique dress. I was in awe of the stitching and originality! The sun shone through the trees, pillars and temple spires beautifully. The air was chilly, but they snuggled and were rockstars!

For the wedding day, it was BY FAR the coldest wedding day I have ever shot. It was 19 degrees farenheit, and cold cold cold. As I parked and was heading into the waiting area, I realized I had forgotten my gloves in the car! With no time to run back, and the announcement that they were up next in line to leave the temple, I gave myself a mental pep talk and ran to my position. They walked out of the temple, and everyone cheered. I love those moments most, and it was what I most looked forward to on my own wedding day! Walking out of the temple, hand in hand, having just committed to each other for eternity. I don’t know if there is anything more beautiful than that moment. Except for, of course, the pictures after. hehe.

We started shooting the photos, and the poor family was FREEZING. I am insistent on going through the family photo portion of the day quickly and efficiently. No one likes to stand out in the cold! After removing jackets a few times, and dismissing the coldest, we finished family pictures, and moved on to just a few bridal shots that we were unable to get the week prior at their bridal session. Though frozen to ice, the bride and groom WORKED it.

What a cold but beautiful day to get married for eternity! Thanks for having me loves!





















Once upon a time, there were two people who both had a love for geology. They went on a geology field trip, met there, and the rest is history! Brian and Lexi were married in the Portland LDS Temple on a beautiful spring day, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! I was SO honored to shoot their wedding. Lexi is such a natural beauty, and her infectious smile and laugh lit up my lens. Add dapper Brian to the pictures and what do you get? PURE MAGIC! Their reception was a PAR-TAY! Everyone was on the floor dancing. I caught Lexi and Brian singing to each other all night long. So much cute and so much fun! And what better way to send off a newly married couple than a sparkler exit? So PERFECT!

Happy almost one year anniversary, you beautiful couple! It was incredible shooting your wedding day! <3


gettingready-19 gettingready-17 gettingready-13 gettingready-8 gettingready-6 gettingready-3 b&g-123 templecandids-3 templecandids-7 templecandids-12 templecandids-21 templecandids-25 templecandids-26 templecandids-34 templecandids-37 templecandids-39 gettingready-43 gettingready-51 gettingready-57 gettingready-24 gettingready-22 gettingready-21 b&g-2 b&g-9 b&g-16 b&g-20 b&g-25 b&g-37 b&g-51 b&g-55 b&g-58 b&g-69 b&g-78 b&g-81 b&g-88 b&g-98 b&g-116 reception-174 reception-184 reception-191

it’s always awesome collaborating with other photographers in the community, but for this particular shoot, i got to work with the one and only, the incredible shelby payne.

shelby and i met last year in the summertime, and instantly became photographer besties. her creativity and friendship inspires me to be better, and this shoot was no different. walking around in a field, camera in hand shooting the beautiful meghan with my bestie. so stellar.

i’m so thankful for the opportunities i get to work with the people that i do. who walks around barefoot in a scratchy, long grass field without complaint and rocks it? our sweet model, meghan! she was incredible to work with, and so willing to do whatever we asked her to do. it’s people like her that make my job so easy, and so much fun.

styled shoots are relaxed, and creativity driven. there’s no holding back when an idea comes to mind, and the only person you are trying to please is your passion. i loved this summer styled bridal shoot, and can’t wait to collab with these talented women in the future.

Flawless model: Meghan McCudden
Yellow convertible: Unknown…. 😉
Dress: Lulu’s
Floral: Capital City Florist
Floral Design: Shelby Payne (I’m convinced there is nothing she cannot do.)
Photographers: Shelby Payne & Hannah Fine

Following photos are all taken by Hannah Fine Photography.  meghan-2

meghan-3 meghan-4 meghan-5

meghan-8 meghan-9 meghan-11

meghan-14 meghan-15
meghan-19 meghan-20
meghan-22 meghan-23 meghan-24

meghan-29 meghan-30

meghan-43 meghan-44

meghan-49 meghan-50

meghan-59 meghan-61





meghan-86 meghan-87

My photography friend Shelby Payne from Shelby Payne Photography shot a wedding in the hot sun, and I was so happy to come be her assistant! I second shot for the bridal portraits, and we split up for the bridal party portraits. I took pictures of the groomsmen, while she shot the bridesmaids. The sun was shining, we found some gorgeous trees, and the groomsmen were hilarious. I had a blast helping Shelby, and looking forward to working with her again!


wimberly wedding edited-2wimberly wedding edited-3wimberly wedding edited-4wimberly wedding editedwimberly wedding edited-69wimberly wedding edited-77wimberly wedding edited-75wimberly wedding edited-76wimberly wedding edited-71wimberly wedding edited-73wimberly wedding edited-5wimberly wedding edited-8wimberly wedding edited-9wimberly wedding edited-12wimberly wedding edited-13wimberly wedding edited-14wimberly wedding edited-16wimberly wedding edited-18wimberly wedding edited-20wimberly wedding edited-22wimberly wedding edited-23wimberly wedding edited-24wimberly wedding edited-26wimberly wedding edited-27wimberly wedding edited-28wimberly wedding edited-31wimberly wedding edited-33wimberly wedding edited-34wimberly wedding edited-35wimberly wedding edited-39wimberly wedding edited-42wimberly wedding edited-45wimberly wedding edited-49wimberly wedding edited-48wimberly wedding edited-54wimberly wedding edited-55wimberly wedding edited-57wimberly wedding edited-58wimberly wedding edited-60wimberly wedding edited-62wimberly wedding black and whites-5wimberly wedding black and whites-7wimberly wedding black and whites

My dear friend Shelby Payne and I put together a winter styled bridal shoot. We were looking for glam, high fashion, and unique. Shelby picked the flowers from Capitol Florist and arranged them beautifully in a velvet ribbon. Our model Tatum wore a sequined dress from Doria’s Bridal Shop in Olympia. We took turns directing the shoot and posing our model. We switched off every ten minutes, and it worked perfectly. I am so thrilled with how these turned out. Thank you Tatum for being our model, and Shelby for helping me put this together! You were a joy to work with.

I LOVE bridals.


winter styled bridals

winter styled bridals-2winter styled bridals-4winter styled bridals-6winter styled bridals-9winter styled bridals-10winter styled bridals-12winter styled bridals-13winter styled bridals-14winter styled bridals-16winter styled bridals-24winter styled bridals-27winter styled bridals-30winter styled bridals-33winter styled bridals-35winter styled bridals-37winter styled bridals-40winter styled bridals-42winter styled bridals-43winter styled bridals-46winter styled bridals-48winter styled bridals-47winter styled bridals-49winter styled bridals-50winter styled bridals-61winter styled bridals-58winter styled bridals-63winter styled bridals-65

On February 6th, I flew to Salt Lake City with my sister and mom. With my camera bag on one shoulder, and a weeks worth of clothes on another, we jumped in our rental car and drove to Logan, Utah so I could attend an incredible photography workshop by Kylee Ann Photography. We checked into our hotel, and I put my batteries on their chargers and excitedly fell asleep. At 8 am the next morning, I was sitting in the conference room at Herm’s Inn with ten very talented photographer’s, ready to learn. We started with learning how to build our brand, how to get published in famous blogs, marketing, social media etiquette, pricing, getting legal, finances, taxes, composition, lighting, shooting in low-light, client interaction, equipment, and SO MUCH MORE. Kylee explains things beautifully, and every single question I have ever had was answered in this workshop. Since I began my photography business, Kylee has always been a huge support and help with anything and everything I’ve needed. I was so excited to fly to Utah, and learn from her once again. At the end of the workshop, Kylee and other amazing vendors from the Logan area put together a GORGEOUS styled shoot for us to shoot to build our portfolios, and practice posing clients.
Here are a few of my favorite images from the styled shoot at the end of the workshop. It was absolutely dreamy.

The Vendors

-Location: Herm’s Inn 

-Models: Erica Morgan
Paige & Dan Meszaros

-Hair & Make Up: B Beautiful Artistry 

-Invitations: Unlike Juliet

-Flowers: Dahlia’s 

-Cake: Stephanie Bolan Cakes

-Designer: Bread and Butter Events 

-Workshop Teacher: Kylee Maughan



 kylee ann workshop-2kylee ann workshop
kylee ann workshop-73kylee ann workshop-72kylee ann workshop-71kylee ann workshop-70kylee ann workshop-69kylee ann workshop-68kylee ann workshop-67kylee ann workshop-66kylee ann workshop-65kylee ann workshop-64kylee ann workshop-63kylee ann workshop-62kylee ann workshop-61kylee ann workshop-60kylee ann workshop-59kylee ann workshop-58kylee ann workshop-57kylee ann workshop-56kylee ann workshop-55kylee ann workshop-54kylee ann workshop-53kylee ann workshop-52kylee ann workshop-51kylee ann workshop-50kylee ann workshop-49kylee ann workshop-48kylee ann workshop-47kylee ann workshop-46kylee ann workshop-45kylee ann workshop-44kylee ann workshop-43kylee ann workshop-42kylee ann workshop-41kylee ann workshop-40kylee ann workshop-39kylee ann workshop-38kylee ann workshop-37kylee ann workshop-36kylee ann workshop-35kylee ann workshop-34kylee ann workshop-33kylee ann workshop-32
kylee ann workshop-30kylee ann workshop-29kylee ann workshop-28kylee ann workshop-27kylee ann workshop-26kylee ann workshop-25kylee ann workshop-24kylee ann workshop-23kylee ann workshop-22kylee ann workshop-21kylee ann workshop-20kylee ann workshop-19kylee ann workshop-18kylee ann workshop-17kylee ann workshop-16kylee ann workshop-15kylee ann workshop-14kylee ann workshop-13
kylee ann workshop-11kylee ann workshop-10

kylee ann workshop-4

I arrived at the Portland LDS temple at 11 am on December 27th. Wearing my new snowboard jacket, and my camera in hand I watched as beautiful couples walked out of the temple doors. Something you must know first, I do not cry. I don’t cry during sad movies, I don’t cry when everyone else is crying in any situation. I cry when I am missing my love, and when I see something so beautiful like coming out as newly weds. I bawled like a baby as I watched bride after bride come out with their prince charming. And yes, there was bride after bride after bride. I hadn’t seen so many weddings happening at the same time and it made me excited. My beautiful bride and groom came out of the doors with their arms wrapped around each other and happy as can be. I set aside my emotions, and went to work capturing their interactions with those who came to support them. That is one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. Capturing candids and peeking in on moments that would otherwise be undocumented. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of. We started family pictures, went to the bridal party and then began my other favorite part of weddings. One on one time with the bride and groom. We circled the temple and surrounding areas to take the pictures that they would look back on to remember this day. I LOVE this part. No pressure, no rush, just taking a moment to breathe and focus on their day. I love it. The rain didn’t let up much, but these two were troopers and ready for anything I threw at them. I love being a wedding photographer.

Flowers: Calli’s Colorful Creations Photography: Hannah Fine Photography




I was so privileged to grow up with Madelynne at the Olympia stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Though we were in different wards, I so admired her leadership and creativity at stake activities. I was so happy when she asked ME to be her engagement and wedding photographer! I was so excited to meet Brett, and be a little part of their journey. Look at their beautiful fall engagements here.

I left for Portland (From Olympia) at 9 am. Realizing I forgot my favorite wedding pump up CD’S, Coldplay and Taylor Swift, I listened to my mom’s Christmas CD. Preparing for a rainy day ahead, I packed umbrellas, my big jacket, blankets and snacks. Surprisingly, on the way down the skies were clear of any sign of rain. A Portland temple wedding with NO rain? It was a Christmas/wedding day miracle! I arrived at the temple and took a few minutes to just stare and stare. I LOVE the temple. It is breathtaking. While Madelynne and Brett were inside for their sealing, I walked around the temple looking at lighting, possible poses, and tested my camera. I got so excited to see them come out when their family began to gather in front of the bride and groom exit door. I introduced myself to the family, and then took my place in front of the doors to get the perfect exit shot. As they walked out of the doors, they were GLOWING. They looked absolutely beautiful and so happy. So so so happy. I began snapping away and holding back tears. Thank goodness for a camera that hides my baby tears! We proceeded with family pictures first, and then a peaceful hour or two circling the temple with the happy couple. I ESPECIALLY love this part of the wedding day, because I have a chance to talk to the couple even more, they feel relaxed and we get to capture some beautiful pictures. And the sun and clouds were a beautiful reminder of a non-rainy wedding! Seriously, it didn’t rain. It was a little bit chilly, but no rain. And I was so ecstatic about that. After finishing our formal shots, we headed to the luncheon in downtown Portland. It was so beautifully put together and the food was delicious! Heartwarming speeches were given, and the room was filled with peace and love. I LOVED being there with them.

The next day, I ran from the car to their beautiful home because of all of the RAIN. Seriously, we lucked out the day before. They hosted the reception in their home, and also had a lit, heated tent in the front yard. It was amazing! They had sparklers, yummy food, a hilarious cake cutting, a kids party room and over a hundred people who love and care about them. Everything was beautiful, everything was perfect. Can’t say it enough. This wedding was AMAZING.

Madelynne and Brett,

Thank you for choosing me to capture this beautiful time in your life. I am so grateful for our friendship and looking forward to seeing you soon. You guys were one rockin’ bride and groom.