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Where my Mariners fans at??? Look no further, this Seattle couple is for YOU! Kenzie and Kameron live in the Seattle area and wanted to do a couples photo shoot in downtown Seattle and I was MORE than happy to oblige! Seattle is hands down one of my most favorite locations to shoot. From the boardwalks to the train tracks, to the urban and funky to the classy and timeless, there is a little bit of every different style in Seattle.
Kenzie happens to be my cousin. I have always admired Kenzie because she has always been remarkably kind and ever beautiful. She and Kameron have been together for awhile now are the cutest couple ever. I loved watching them together and I loved spending my time with them in some of my favorite places around the city.
Funny story: When I pose couples, I often ask them to “touch noses”. I asked Kenzie and Kameron to “touch noses” and Kameron gave me this funny look and then proceeded to touch raise his finger and tap Kenzie on her nose. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing as I tried to clarify that I was looking for them to snuggle their noses together. It was hilarious.
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer
Stop me if you’ve heard this story: This couple was in the same ward at BYU…. An “innocent” request for help with chemistry homework ended with a wedding date set for the 17th of August! Well…as unique as it may sound, it is this couple’s happily-ever-after story and as precious as any gem.
I know Tanner from Olympia. We were different stakes, but we definitely knew of each other. When Emma and Tanner contacted me about shooting their engagement photos, I was ecstatic! And more great news, I’ll be their Utah wedding photographer as well! Hannah loves her weddings!
Back to Tanner and Emma: We met up in the foothills of Salt Lake as the first location for their engagement shoot. Emma is incredibly photogenic and Tanner is so caring and attentive to her it just captures your heart. They were light-hearted, happy and in love! They made each other laugh, and seriously just fit together, just look at she nestles into him. Safe. Home.
Next, we went on to Utah Salt Air and there were much of the same feelings of fun and love between them! When you shoot at Utah Salt Air, just be prepared to leave with a stunning bunch of photographs, a full heart, and a bug bitten body.
Congratulations Tanner and Emma! I can’t wait for your big day.
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer

When I first moved to Utah, I was super lonely. One night, I was editing a wedding that I had shot, and three boys came to my window and knocked on it. I was shy and nervous to talk to them. They invited me to go repelling with them that weekend. I accepted, but thought, “I probably won’t go”. They followed up with me the next night, and I decided to go and have fun. I met my amazing group of friends that day. Jon was one of the three boys that had knocked on my window. I will forever be grateful to them for helping me come out of my shell. Jon and I became really close friends, and we were constantly hanging out. Nicole had been my roommate for four months and we had never spoken. We were both SUPER shy, and basically exiled each other. In the beginning of February, Nicole and I started to hang out together. I realized how fun and funny she is, and I really enjoyed being around her. One night, Nicole came to me and hugged me tight. Jon came over right at that second and hugged Nicole with me to make sure she knew how loved she is. I left to go brush my teeth, and I came back and Jon and Nicole were still hugging on the couch while watching “I Love Lucy.” I sat down to start watching with them when my “third wheel” radar went off- HAHA! It hadn’t occurred to me before that maybe Jon and Nicole could be a thing, so I said I was really tired and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up and Nicole and Jon had plans for the day together. He brought her flowers, and made her a homemade dinner. Ever since then, they have been INSEPARABLE. They are truly meant to be and the best of friends. I like to take credit that I set them up, my best friend with my roommate. But really, they have always been destined to find each other. They are a match made in heaven, and I am so grateful to know and love them!

Their engagement session was MAGICAL! They are complete naturals in front of the camera, and the love they have for each other is so beautiful! Love you guys <3


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I grew up in Olympia, WA. After I started photography I became familiar with the most beautiful locations around the Pacific Northwest. Downtown Olympia is definitely on that list. I met Kyla before our session at her best friend’s bridal shower. Kenzie is a mutual friend of ours. Two years later, I got an email from Kyla inquiring about an engagement session of her and her new fiancé. yes yes yes!!! Kyla and Doug met me downtown at a popular boardwalk in the city. The blossoms were blooming, the light was gorgeous, and these two worked the camera.
Because these are flashback posts, more has happened since our session! They were married this last summer, and are officially expecting their first baby! So happy for you two!!!!

Olympia Engagement Photographer | Hannah Fine Photography



I went to Washington DC to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my sweet nephew Liam. I was so excited to book a few shoots down there in the nations capitol. And what’s even better? I got to see the cherry blossom festival and SHOOT and amazing engagement session there! Awesome, right? Definitely a one-of-a-kind shoot, and these two loves made it so much fun. We had a blast.

Congrats Wendy & Chris!



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Hey! I have been so busy with summer sessions, I have had to unfortunately put my blogging on the backburner. But here I am! I’m still here! Let’s share what I have been up to!


I shot Taylor and Phil two years ago for a fun and RAINY couples session. We were soaked to the bone. I was headed to DC for a few weeks to visit my sister, and I got a message from Phil. He was about to propose to Taylor, and was wondering if I could shoot their engagements while I was there! UMMM YES. I was so excited!! Loved shooting some familiar faces all the way across the country. We met at some gorgeous falls, and ventured over some huge rocks. It was absolutely AWESOME. We had so much fun, we went out to dinner afterwards! Loved being with these two.


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Brittanie is a beautiful and powerful business owner in Tumwater, Washington. She is one of the most outgoing girls I have ever met! I played soccer with her in high school. She found the love of her life, Powell, and they are engaged! What an exciting time of life for these two. When I asked what location she was interested in for their engagement session, she explained the significance of the coffee shop she owns, as that is where they met. We also drove over to the Olympia Farmer’s market, where she brought  a gorgeous flower arrangement to hold. I absolutely adored everything she put together for our session! The Farmer’s Market was one of their very first dates, and we had fun frolicking around the market and finding cute spots for them to snuggle. We drove back to her coffee shop for a few pictures inside, and we booked it to a field for a few more shots. It was fun, sunny, and I had so much fun talking to these two!! Excited for their big day in August!

Congrats Brit & Powell!

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When I was a freshman in high school, Alicia was a senior. I knew her from my high school! Her boyfriend Danny got down on one knee and popped the question on Christmas day. And I was SO excited to shoot their engagement photos. After throwing a few location suggestions at them, they decided on the gorgeous Burfoot park in Olympia, WA. Burfoot park has so many different beautiful places to shoot. We started at the entrance, made our way down the forest trail and ended down at the beach. The sun was shining bright, and   we took advantage of every second. As golden hour was about to begin, we drove to Tumwater High School and finished our session. Danny and Alicia are big Yankee fans. DEREK JETER, COME TO THEIR WEDDING. We decided to take pictures in the bleachers and on the field. Before the session, I asked Alicia what their “song” is. I uploaded “Makin’ Memories of Us” by Keith Urban to my iPhone and played it for our last few minutes. They danced, kissed, tickled, and it was one of my most favorite parts of the session. I LOVED LOVED LOVED spending time with these two. We seriously had SO much fun. They were relaxed, and fun, and you could see how much they love each other. I am so thankful for my friendship with them. They’re the coolest.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session!

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The Bergquist family has been such a huge support in my life. They are an amazing family. They were one of my very first clients, and I LOVE taking pictures for them. I’ve known them for a long time, and though I have only known Tanner for a few months, he proves to be a perfect compliment to their family and to Katie. These two were an absolute BLAST. I have diligently followed Katie and Tanner through social media and was ecstatic when I saw the announcement that they were ENGAGED. I got a message from Katie shortly after, and we began planning their dreamy engagement session. Having shot at Discovery Park, I suggested it to them and it was the perfect location for the session they were looking for. As I watched the weather broadcast a few days before their session, I was so nervous because it showed straight showers and rain. Boo! But we decided to give it a shot. Guess what? it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I have yet to see a yucky day at Discovery Park. It is a magical place. We drove up together and talked and laughed about the Seahawks, how they met, how he proposed, what they were looking for, what their wedding plans were and how Tanner was missing a sportsman show for our session. So naturally I had to make it extra fun for him, right? What outdoorsy guy wants to miss a SPORTSMAN show to say cheese for a strict photographer? None, thats what. Thank goodness posing stiffly and saying cheese isn’t my style. Or being strict for that matter. I’m the opposite. I like to have fun at sessions, so we had fun. We walked, we talked, we laughed, we hid from the sun and we ended up on the beach for a beautiful sunset. It was dreamy you guys. And though the temperatures were dropping and the sun was long gone, these two got in the WATER for me. Umm, hello. Truly a photographer’s dream couple. I am so thankful they chose me to shoot their engagements.

I hope you enjoy these pictures forever, Katie and Tanner!

Can’t wait for the big day.

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I met Kristen through my online session giveaway. When I reached 1,000 likes on Facebook, I drew a name from a pool of people who had shared my giveaway post. Kristen was the lucky winner! She recently got engaged, and so it was perfect timing for a fall engagement shoot.We met in Tacoma, WA at Ruston Way. It is absolutely gorgeous. So many different places to take pictures of a beautiful couple. I parked, and jumped int their car and we started at the very end of the park, and slowly made our way back to the entrance. Large open water views, fancy boats, fall leaves, beautiful bridge and a stunning couple made my evening so stellar. These two love to laugh together. As we were taking pictures, it was fun to capture their candid laughter as he whispered something in her ear. In the final few minutes of our session, we found a white bridge. Total gold mine. As I started to think about poses we could do on this bridge, Kristen said, “Can we go under it?” Umm, YES. A million times yes. We climbed underneath and I watched as these two snuggled, whispered and the magic began to unfold even more. These two are so in love, and I am so happy I could capture these images for them. It was truly a pleasure.



When you get an idea in your head, and you can’t bear holding it in anymore you employ your sister and her fiancé to help you out. And it just so happens that they are living with us before their wedding, so I have easy access to them at all times. AND… they love getting their pictures taken together, so I am totally on top of the world over here. Willing siblings to model for me? umm YES. That seriously does not happen very often in this house because of their very busy schedules. But, they were mine for two hours during sunset, and I couldn’t wait. We were planning on using a rowboat, but when our boat fell through, I was stressed to the max. I couldn’t find a rowboat ANYWHERE. When my friend Taylor from Due East texted me saying she had a beautiful metal canoe, I was ecstatic. And she had a boat house we could go to take the pictures? Umm, THANK YOU SO MUCH. The plan was in place, and now all we needed was to get out there. They got dressed, jumped into the backseat of my car and we followed Taylor out to Black Lake. We arrived minutes before the sun went under the trees… Exactly how I had imagined the shoot. It was INCREDIBLE. We pulled out the canoe and went straight to the picture-takin’. And boy, did they bring their A-game.

Thank you Taylor Pierce for second shooting for me, and being an awesome assistant.

Thank you to the Pierce family for letting us use their beautiful property on Black Lake.

and thank you Corynn and Nick for the pleasure of shooting your engagement photos. And Nick for not crying while in the canoe. (He was a little freaked out) 😉



And here are some snapshots of me trying to get in the canoe.. good thing I left my camera out on the dock!
Thanks to Taylor for capturing this!



Corynn and Nick. Apart for three years, together again.
Our engagement shoot fell on one of the most gorgeous days of the year so far! We traveled long to our final diestination, The Vance Creek Bridge. It was GORGEOUS. We got lost twice and eventually found it just in time for golden hour! The hike there was about twenty minutes long, beautiful and bright and sunny. We danced, laughed and i fell in love with their love.

Enjoy their love.




Taylor & Phil ventured with me out into the woods on a rainy day. And when I say rainy, I actually mean soaking wet and cold. I was little nervous to bring my camera out into the storm, but I put my full trust in the rain sleeve I purchased a couple of months ago, just in case I ever needed it. Thank goodness for it. It kept my camera body completely dry. They’re seriously bomb.

Anyway, we walked through the forest, and they were so happy and willing to do anything I asked them to do.  beautiful rain, (that doesn’t kill your camera) two people in love and the woods? A photographers dream.

Okay, so hey. umm it’s hard to explain this shoot without explaining how much I love it. So let’s just get right to it. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOOT.