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Guys. I had a photo shoot with Carrie freaking Underwood! THE All-American-Girl! Seriously, I’m totally lying. Technically my downtown Olympia photos were not THE Carrie Underwood, but she really is an All-American-Girl, ladies, and gentlemen, it’s Ali of Olympia! *the crowds go wild with cheers and applause*
Seriously, Ali. Ali is another fellow Tumwater High graduate and was such a beauty and really was messing me with her Carrie Underwood doppelgänger skills the whole shoot. We started off at the Wildlife Refuge, which on the surface was beautiful, but if you stood still for too long there were absolute SWARMS of bugs! We must have hit prime bug time because it really was disturbing at how many bugs were there. We found a spot on the grass that we thought was safe, boy, were we wrong! But she was SUCH a trooper.
We moved on up to the Olympia Capitol building searching for some spring blossoms. SCORE! I was obsessed! Ali brought the beauty of the blossoms to a whole new level. I love that Ali chose to do her senior photos during the spring time. Spring speaks of growth and new budding beginnings, just like the new growth and beginnings Ali is facing as she transitions from high school to college and adult life….just like that Carrie Underwood song, how does it go? “Sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect all-American girl”.
I had so much fun with you Ali! I absolutely love senior season. I am so lucky to be an Olympia Senior Photographer!
Also, here is my favorite Carrie Underwood song. 😉 Here.
Olympia Senior Photographer
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