I have been messaged, instagram messaged, texted, called and even snap-chatted from followers, friends and fellow photographers asking what kind of gear I use. There are SO many options, and every photographer has a preference.


I am a Canon shooter. From the birth of Hannah Fine Photography, I have been a Canon girl. I have owned four different cameras, 7+ lenses and many accessories.¬†Photography equipment is like CANDY. It’s so fun to receive that new glass in the mail and just die over it for the first few months ok, the entire time you call it yours. Equipment is vital to your photography business, obviously. Are you just starting out? Then no, you probably don’t NEED the top Canon DSLR out right now. But it is really freaking fun to have and to work up to. Anyway, this is what I use! This is how I produce your images, and these are my babies! Ive listed why, how and when I use each piece of equipment. Let me know on that top right bar if you have any questions!

Canon 5d Mark IV

This is my main camera body. When I am shooting, this is what I am shooting with.

Canon 5d Mark III

This is my backup baby! When I have a second shooter, or in need of two lenses in one setting and don’t have time to switch from my main body, this is my go to!

Canon 5d Mark III

And this little fella is my backup backup. I am absolutely terrified of being without a camera at an important event. It has never happened, and I never plan for it to happen. So this guy tags along, and sometimes is used by my assistant if I have both cameras over my shoulders. Better safe than sorry!

Canon 35L mm F/1.4


This is my work horse lens. I use it for every type of photography. It is a wide angle lens that can be used for close-ups, far away, landscape, families, couples and beyond. It is crisp but creamy, and one of the best lenses I’ve ever owned.

Sigma 50mm Art f/1.4

This is my portrait lens. I use it for most of my seniors! Its creamy and has a gorgeous depth of field. I also use it when I need to have a cropped frame, but can’t physically move closer.

Tamron 70-200 mm f/2.8

When shooting a wedding, this lens is a MUST HAVE. When I work with my second shooters, They focus on the groom with this baby. Sharp, quick to focus, and a little bit less expensive than the Canon version.

I am in the process of an order that will expand my equipment significantly. Coming soon!